Packaging together

We don't just make packaging, we tailor it, just for you.

Let's get one thing straight; we don't "just make packaging", we help sell your product through beautifully crafted packaging tailored just for you. Your packaging should help tell a story that stays true to your brand — that's where we come in.

  • Name
  • Flexible PACKAGING

    There are so many possibilities.

    With flexible packaging, we really do have lots of options, so we will work alongside you to tailor the bag just for you. It could be that you are looking for ways to maintain freshness or making it easier for your customers to open your product; no matter the scenario we will be able to help tailor a solution.


    It's the little touches.

    Retail packaging can be so much more than just a 'bag'. Just how you design and fitout your stores to provide your customers with an experience, packaging can add to this. Whether it be continuing the instore experience or bringing it to them via courier, we can help tell the story.

  • Name
  • Name
  • Tins

    Guaranteed to find one in years to come.

    It isn't everyday that you reach milestones, and what better way to celebrate with your customers. We will work alongside you to beautifully craft a tin that people will hang onto forever and a day.

  • Flexibles

    • Three side seal bag

    • Stand up pouch

    • Side gusset bag

    • Box pouch

    • One piece pouch

    • VFFS & HFFS rollstock

  • Retail

    • Paper bags

    • Plastic bags

    • Non-woven bags

    • Courier bags

    • Boxes

    • Tissue

    • Labels

  • Tins

    • Square tins

    • Rectangle tins

    • Cylinders

    • Bespoke tins

The process

It's what we do.

  • Discover

    We ask and listen so that we gain a full understanding of your company, product, market and objectives. 

  • Tailor

    We tailor our solution to ensure that your customers get exactly what they are after.

  • Produce

    We work tirelessly to ensure we manufacture your products with the utmost care and attention to detail.

  • Deliver

    We work with you to deliver your packaging, when and where you need it. From there, we are just as excited as you are.

  • Grow

    We help store, track and manage your bags and as you grow and evolve as a business, we adapt and help you every step of the way.

Who we work with

We are truly grateful.

We are incredibly lucky to work with a large range of clients both here in New Zealand and overseas. We believe there is no better measure of our success than the trust that our clients place in our services.

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